Kin: A studio that celebrates our kindred spirits


I'm Marcella

Wife to my handsome best friend. Mom to two wonderful boys. Devoted believer.

And this is where I explore the intricacies of the human heart: faith, relationships, parenthood, and more.


In the past, I’ve been many things: entrepreneur, marketer, writer, web developer of sorts, public speaker, podcast host… Nowadays, I’m kind of shying away from titles and just being *me*. Sometimes, I take photos. Other times, I write funny captions for Instagram. When I can, I read books upon books upon books. My greatest pastimes are editing photos and recording podcast episodes about spirituality and motherhood.

I’m now and always will be committed to searching for paths toward growth. I want to grow in my ability to care for and love those around me. Kin is the studio where I practice that craft, the act of celebrating and hopefully growing more love in more places.

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The Kin Podcast


The Kin podcast is a show specifically about navigating the world of parenting and spirituality.

Don’t think they’re related, do you?

When my children were born, my faith experienced an unexpected *boom*. In this podcast, I talk about why that happened and how it keeps happening.

On the show, you can expect to hear about topics like:

  • Creativity in motherhood

  • The spiritual power of the sacrifices we make for our children

  • Post-weaning depression: the new-mom ailment that nobody talks about

  • Interviews with other seekers

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Listen to the latest episode of the Kin podcast:


My Articles

I’ve been writing and publishing articles on the web since 2010. The topics have shifted over the years.

Of all the articles I’ve written over the years, these are the most read and shared:

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Creativity can be easier when it's harder ... Wait, what?

Exploring Mindfulness & A New Earth — A book review


If you'd like to read more articles like these, you can browse through my entire backlog of articles by topic.

The Kin Photography


I shoot a very specific type of photos—candid family photography.

That means I don't want the children and families I shoot to smile at the camera. I want them to smile at each other!

The objective of my photography practice is to capture the love a family shares for each other through their laughter, their playing together, and more.

They say a picture is worth one thousand words. Well, I think a candid family photograph can be an heirloom.

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