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Learning to love.


Through my projects—writing, photography, and technology—I do my best to help people tap into the serenity and enjoyment they crave.

Why? Because there’s a lot of preventable suffering that happens out there in the world. I believe it’s stoppable, and I’d like to help.



I like to take photos.

It's no secret I love Instagram, so here are my latest photos! Are you on Insta? Come say hi! I'm @marce.lla over there.



I like to help others.


I write about life through the lens of work, play, and love. I mostly share my words in books, articles, and on other sites.


I help people ask themselves the right questions, in the hopes of living a beautiful life full of peace of mind and creative flow. (Myself included.)



I speak to audiences about what I know: entrepreneurship, failing, design, marketing, and more. My audiences include a top-ranked business school, TEDx and one of the world's biggest brands.

Tell brand stories

I help individuals and teams craft their stories. From websites to presentations to mobile apps, I've been involved in bringing stories to life for 10+ years by leading creative and technical teams.



I like to speak.

If you speak Spanish, you might be interested in watching my talk at TEDxManagua 2012. It was a great experience, and I ended up co-hosting the event the following year.



Past projects.


I don’t know for sure when I first opened my eyes to a better life, but life handed me breadcrumbs that I followed over the years. Building a fitness habit, using the internet to learn about all kinds of things, deciding to quit my job and work for myself instead, delving deep into topics of faith and personal development… As these things happened, they all seemed unrelated, but they all worked together to lead me here, to dedicating myself and my art to helping others in whatever way I can.

Some history first…

I’m a 31-year-old new mom from Nicaragua.

From the time I was born, I’ve jumped back and forth between the USA and Nicaragua. It’s given me the best of both worlds: a great education, a warm family life, and wonderful opportunities to grow in my career. But it’s also provided me the opportunity to recognize just how much more we could all do for each other.

After graduating from Boston College, I worked for a non-profit called American Nicaraguan Foundation for two years. Despite being a lowly entry-level, I was quickly promoted to Marketing Manager. At just twenty-one, this jump made me incredibly nervous. Despite the pressure, I was lucky enough to get the job done adequately (all credit goes to the great team I had behind me). After that experience, I studied my Master’s degree at IE Business School in Madrid, Spain. It was during that experience that I decided to go out on my own.

When I returned to Nicaragua, I married my best friend and joined an advertising agency for two months. During that time, I was convinced even further that it was time to do my own thing. I started a business focused on consulting and web design, which I ran successfully for three years, or until I decided to give my real passions—writing, photography, travel—a real shot. That's what I've been doing since.



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