A Brief Guide to Living On Your Own Terms

Two years ago, I pulled off one of the scariest things I’ve ever attempted. I quit my job.

Two years earlier, though, I pulled off something even scarier: I started a blog.

As scary as leaving my job felt at the time, it didn’t start my journey as an entrepreneur. If I’m honest with myself, I know that my adventures started with the blog.

Four years ago, I started a random little blog that had no real direction and absolutely no readers. Every day since, I’ve been blessed with so much, including finding my writing voice, discovering new sides of myself, building up my confidence, meeting new people, learning how to lead a team, and more.

Four years ago, I decided to try something I knew nothing about, and I ended up with a business of my own and incredible independence.

Four years ago, I decided to start living on my own terms.

I know that you’re here for the same reason. You want to start living on your own terms, don’t you?

(If you don’t want to live start living on your own terms, you’re probably in the wrong place. This blog is the place for bold transformations, for wild dreams, and enthusiastic action. Sorry.)

For those who do, here’s my brief guide to living on your own terms… It’s the path I followed to a life full of awesomeness. I hope it helps.

Uncover what breaks your heart. If you’re not sure what your “passion” is, ask yourself what breaks your heart. It’s a shortcut to finding out what you care about working on.

Discover how you want to feel. Before you think about what you want to do, take the time to decide how you want to feel while you do it. This will help you design your ideal lifestyle and organize your projects accordingly.

Invest in yourself. To live and work awesomely, you’ll need to invest time and money in yourself, especially your well-being and your learning.

Dump the “work versus vacation” mindset. When you work on a problem you want to solve, you’ll find it doesn’t matter what day of the week it is. Mixing work and play, every day of the week, will help keep you (somewhat) balanced.

Set up a “side” business. As you start brainstorming making a life-change, there are ways to set up small businesses or projects on the side to see how they do before taking a big risk.

Discover what you want problem you want to solve. Now that you know what you’d like to do, what specific problem will you solve? More importantly, what will your solution be?

Consider yourself an entrepreneur. Now, you might not consider yourself an “entrepreneur”, but we’re all entrepreneurs when you stop to think about it. No matter what you do and how you do it, you’ll be forging a new path for yourself.

Keep your thoughts positive. Your thoughts are what make your life, what create your ideas, what open your life’s paths. If you want them to be clear for new opportunities, positive thinking is critical.

Keep learning. It will be impossible to succeed without continuously learning. There are various ways you can do that, but the most up-to-date information is always online. When you love what you’re doing, though, learning won’t feel like work.

Know who you want to be like. As you forge your path, it’s worth taking the time to think about who you can model. You won’t copy anyone, but knowing who you want to be like will give you an idea of what steps you need to take to get where you want to go.

Enjoy your progress. It’s common to feel like your progress is never good enough. Take a chill pill. If you’ve gotten this far, your progress is more substantial than you think. Give yourself a pat on the back!

Follow a system or a routine. It’s easy to get distracted with so much going on in the entrepreneurship world. Keeping a regular routine will help keep you focused. Technology helps.

Make success un-scary. As you make strides in your projects, you may feel uncomfortable with your successes. It’s quite normal. But there’s a way around it.

Don’t stop at “ideas.” Take action. Ideas will come and go, especially as you meet more new people and your projects become more successful. Be wary of getting stuck in the idea trap. Decipher which ideas are best and then take action.

Consider what happens if you don’t. No matter what hardships you face on your journey, remember that it’s more important to do what you’re doing than to not. The pain of NOT solving the problems you’re solving is bigger than any rough patch you may face.

Are you ready to start living on your own terms?

I’d love to hear from you … Post a comment if you have a question I could answer or if you have any stories/ideas you’d like to share…

Wishing you awesomeness from my couch in Managua,

— Marcella