I Owe It All To This One Thing

Take a second to forget all the shiny new achievement encircling you. Forget iOS 7 and all the fuchsia wonderfulness that it’s brought you.

Forget the newest blog posts you’ve read about conversion tracking and communicating with web visitors.

Forget the productivity app blinking little red circles at you from the corner of your screen.

Forget the rush you’re in to reach the next level of whatever-the-fuck-you-do.

Forget it all. And ask yourself this: what got you here?

What brought you to this place of achievement, of connection, of creative expression?

The answer is simple: family.


Many movies (of which my favorite is Mrs. Doubtfire) went to great lengths to show us the many shapes and sizes that families come in.

From the time we enter preschool, our notions of the word “family” are constantly expanded. By the time we’ve gotten to college, we realize that we can now form our own families — in the literal sense with a romantic partner or in the figurative sense with a group of close friends.

Family is what we gather around us as the years go by. Family is the group of people that tend to us as we grow. Family is the feeling of being home regardless of where you are.

But families don’t just sustain us. They’re what trampoline us.

In my book, I use the word “trampoline” to describe the act of reaching new heights, of the constant up-and-down’s we go through as we try new things, enter new businesses, fail, and start up again.

Our families water our seeds no matter how far up we grow.


It must be no easy feat to withstand my shenanigans: my ramblings about user interfaces, the moods my bad clients put me in, and the energetic high-five’s I throw when one of my articles lands on a big website.

To my own family, thank you. To those who consider me a part of their family, thank you. To all those who are in need of some family, I’m here.