The Post About Love I Never Thought I’d Write

If you had to, how would you define love? Some say love is grandiose and romantic. Others say it’s adventurous and chaotic or companionship and togetherness.

Maybe it’s all of those things. Maybe it’s not. But to me…

Love is when I bring you coffee in bed just to make your morning a little happier.

Love is choosing to laugh at your messy side of the bed, instead of getting annoyed.

Love is valuing our long-term serenity over our short-term joy.

Love is dancing to terrible songs in the kitchen.

Love is when I flew across the Atlantic and back to see you for three wonderful days.

Love is how, every once in a while, we hold hands while we sleep.

Love is how you speak to my parents, to my brothers, and even to my grandmothers.

Love is sitting in a golf cart for an entire round of 18 holes. You’re lucky I like to read.

Love is you letting me sing at the top of my lungs and play the air-drums every time we go on a road trip.

Love is when I left to New York City for a conference and you showed up the very next day, just so we could spend Valentine’s Day together.

Love is watching you from the upstairs window as you get in your car and drive away, wishing you safety wherever you may go.

Love is how you listen to me rambling on and on about technology and marketing and whatever else is the flavor of the month. You even let me teach you HTML.

Love is how hugging you gives me the strongest feeling of home I’ve ever had.

Love is how I feel when I hear people say how awesome you are. It happens way more than you think.

Love is how you’ll sit and edit my emails to make sure they’re not too mean. What can I say, I’m a warrior.

Love is the food you make because I can’t cook. And the wine bottles you open. And the million other things you do for us.

Love is the fact that it feels easier than they say it is.

Love is how embarrassed I know you’ll be when you read this post. I’m a bit embarrassed, too. Love is why I’m publishing it anyways.

To my dude, I’m grateful for these most amazing years together. Happy anniversary.