100 days of micro-stories


So, remember that time I closed my business and had no idea what's next? Yeah, that was fun. :-)

I’m on Day #2, and the future is still a gigantic question mark, but I have an idea...

Something happened the day I published this little story about a conversation I had at a wedding. I received tons and tons of feedback—via email, text, and I even received a call that said, “I want to know MORE.” And that’s when I knew… THIS! This. *This* is the kind of writing I’m going to explore next.

I have a book in me, a big one, but FIRST! First. *First* I need to practice. Practice switching up my writing style to something based in narration, in scenes, in telling a story by showing instead of telling it straight. Practice this kind of writing out there for the world to see (because it makes my stomach jump up and down with nerves). Practice painting meaning onto what I’ve gone through (and sometimes what other people have gone through.) Practice making the time to write like a serious grown up person.

PRACTICE! Practice. *Practice*.

So, I’m committing to writing a little story (like the one at the wedding) every day for 100 days. I’m calling them micro-stories because they’re really only a few paragraphs long, usually just one short scene. It’s not much, but it’s enough practice to get my creative juices flowing, flowing, flowing.

I started February 1st. If I wanted to get all romantic on you, I’d call it “the first day of the rest of my life”—but truth is truth: the business ends, and the writing begins. I like it. I’ll be posting every micro-story as soon as I finish writing it. The hope is to publish one every day, so I apologize in advance if this seems too much for you! But I hope, hope, hope that you’ll enjoy reading these little anecdotes.

I’ll be posting each of them here on this site and also on Instagram under the hashtag #100daysofmicrostories.

First micro-story coming tomorrow morning. :-)