Day 16 — A guide to everything.


“All of this sounds good, but it’s just to difficult to remember all of *this*,” she said, lifting the heavy bag of books in her hand.

My friend and I’d been walking aimlessly through the city’s downtown area enjoying the first rays of spring, but it must’ve been an hour since we’d left that cute little bookstore where she’d picked up way too many self-help books. As a loyal reader of books made of, you know, paper, she’d been lugging the bag around as we made our way to the subway station. I felt downright smug thinking of all the digital books stacked neatly in my phone, absolutely weightless—and then felt immediately guilty for this and held out my hand to carry the load for a while. My shoulder plunged at the weight of them.

She continued, “It takes hundreds of pages to explain each idea in these books. How are we supposed to remember it and put it into practice, too? Impossible.”

I chuckled, “I don’t know why you’re stressing out about this. There’s an easy way out.”

“Do tell…” Her eyes wide with anticipation.

“Simple. I use a cheat sheet. Like when you're studying for a test.”

She looked at me out of the corner of her eye, incredulous. "Go on..."

As we walked up to the subway station, I pulled out my phone and flicked my thumb left and right, up and down, until I reached a page full of notes, which I showed to her. “I can’t remember everything, so I make a list of what I want to be *present* in my mind every day. I review it first thing in the morning. And voilà! Here, I’ll send it to you.”

* * *

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Last updated: March 31

  1. God is in each of us, like sugar is in a cookie.
  2. Love everyone as much as you can, especially the people you "hate" or resent. Love will dissolve all the bad.
  3. Eating clean, whole foods leads to less disease and cancer. It means you’ll live longer to be with my babies.
  4. Exercising and moving your body is for happiness and ability, not for looks.
  5. Forgive everyone. They didn't mean to hurt you. They're just wrapped up in their own stuff.
  6. Say what you mean, and mean what you say. Words are your tool.
  7. God wants me to share love for Him with everyone else.
  8. My body is my temple. It's carried me (and my fantastic baby) through my entire life. It's my best friend.
  9. Talk to yourself as a coach would, not an enemy. Talk to everyone else the same way. Loving, lifting up, pushing, forgiving, believing.
  10. Be nicer to your family than you are to anyone else.
  11. Don't swear. Profanity are mean words coming out of a beautiful soul.
  12. Communicate calmy when you're angry. It’ll be over faster, easier if you do this.
  13. God wants you to do what you feel called to do. It’s okay that you’re still exploring what this means.

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