My jams this week.

When I was a wee toddler, The Elephant Show's theme song was my jam. I sang it non-stop, dancing and hand gestures included. It's always been a family joke, and a sweet spot for my pops and I. Funny how memories swirl back into my consciousness while looking up lullabies to save on my phone... Boy, how my iTunes has changed!

Other than lullaby-hunting, I've been catching up on yummy internet reading. Here are a few things I loved this week:

The startling effects of "skipping breakfast."

Because almost all my bags are brown *and* it fits my iPad mini!

Tired of buying books? You can get them *for free*, you know.

Loved this look at life aboard a huge cargo ship—and the mention of Nicaragua.

This baby has so many Halloween costumes, I wonder if he can spare one for us?

Making friends as a grown-up ain't so easy.

I be up in the gym just working on my fitness—with this playlist.

Awesome way to start an awesome weekend. :-)


Marcella Chamorro