An intermission of sorts.

You know when you've made a plan and can't contain your excitement for acting it out? Like a few days from Christmas when you imagine yourself waking up, opening your door, and running to rummage through your gifts?


"Monday," I kept saying to myself. "On Monday, it'll all come together. I'll escape to my coffee shop and get back to it. I'll write, and it'll be glorious." I was looking forward to it like nobody's business. A junkie waiting for a fix. Pure craving.

But Monday came along and my plan did just the opposite—instead of everything coming together, it all fell apart. My childcare plan went caput, and there can be no "alone time" when accompanied by another person, even when that other person is a mini-infant-human.

Writing? Like in the microstory, observed, thoughtful, deliberate sense? Not happening.

Instead, you get a recap! Of my life lately! Fun? Let's hope?

JJ and I recently went on what I call a "post-babymoon" to Colorado—a weeklong restorative retreat in the mountains. With no diapers to change and no baby to carry to and fro, we had so much *time*. We even—gasp!—traveled with no hotel plans! We winged it, and it was awesome.

I had my new camera delivered to Colorado, and we got a few good shots...


Who wouldn't just gravitate toward that beauty? Our view heading up to the mountains was spectacular.



And soon all that beauty was just around the bend.



Oh, hai, dude!



... and JJ's belly for the win!



Time for some awkward poses, yeah? Wind, help me out a little? Thanks.



Ski lifts, don't mind if I cry on you?



On the one day I decided to ski, I was sad like this tree—too cold, too many numb toes for my liking.



The coziest place in all of Winter Park. Also the coolest because it's where I won a game of Cards Against Humanity! Me fanny?



Apparently, I'm as nerdy behind the lens as I am in front of it...



A happier tree, yes!



All that untouched snow! I want to protect it and stomp on it in equal measure.

I hope you enjoyed this short sneak peak behind my camera lens. Nothing too exciting, but sometimes the ordinary is all you the beauty you need. (Especially with backdrops like those mountains, am I right?)

As soon as I have some help holding down the fort, I'll be back with Day 13 of #100daysofmicrostories. I miss them dearly.


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