Celebrating the weekend.


It's a cozy weekend around these parts. Managua is enjoying a few more rainy days, and the winds are starting to pick up. The result? Lots of cuddling up with a book. (I'll tell you which in a bit!)

Last night, we celebrated my dad's birthday with a family dinner. No matter what's going on, there's never a better plan than hanging with family, is there? They say blood runs thicker than water, but it's also warmer.

Here are a few things I loved this week: 

I was never a T-Swift fan until "I'm a nightmare dressed like a daydream."

Nothing like my favorite jeans. I may pick up some extra.

A summarized guide to writing better. By an awesome writer.

A reader's question about life and my dorky response

Should I buy a badass camera? Your thoughts please? 

The father-son relationship I hope my JJ's have.

Which of these four is blocking you? (Mine is belief.) 

This book is knocking the wind out of me over and over again. (Worth reading, whatever your usual literary tastes are.) 

Here's to the weekend! :-) 


Marcella Chamorro