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Marcella, thank you so much for writing about these topics. I have similar feelings. It’s so nice to receive your emails and read your blog. I don’t feel so alone anymore.
— M
Thank you so much!!! If I could mail you a cake to Nicaragua, I would!!! Thank you for riding this long journey with me...you are a GEM!!!

Sincere gratitude, many high-5s, and big ole hug!
— N
Your influence on my life has been huge even from another country, I consider you a friend.
— M
I’ve always enjoyed your words and the thoughtful ways you placed them together that made me feel like they were my own, too.
— A
All the best Marcella, your words have brought me thought, learnings and growth and for that I thank you.
— G
I follow and read every article you post. Your words undeniably inspire me, as I believe this life is about the quest for meaning. I always look forward to receiving your emails in my inbox. I hope you always keep writing, keep searching, and keep sharing with all of us.
— A
Thank you so much for your amazing stories. What more could I say about your work?
— R