Make — Coming soon

"I love working on my own projects, but they also make me suffer..."

A friend of mine said that to me recently—and it's something I hear over and over.

Your life and your business all depend on your creativity. More specifically, on your ability to create.

But there's constant tension pulling on your capacity to make stuff:

  • The terrifying blank page you're facing
  • A conflict with someone you work with
  • Indecision on who to share your work with, like "What will my friends think?"
  • The fear that nobody will like what you're making
  • Apprehension at the opposite happening if your work takes off
  • Wanting to do anything but sit down to make something

Don't fret—you're not the only one. Every single creative person faces obstacles like these.

But those that manage these tensions are the ones that experience peace of mindduring and after the obstacle.

What if you could learn how to do that?

If creating feels like a roller coaster of highs and lows, let's fix that right now...

Introducing Make

A guide to creating more & enjoying the process

I'm currently writing a book to help makers—like you!—create stuff without the difficulties that accompany the creative process.

This book is for all kinds of makersdesigners, artists, developers, writers, artisans, letterers, and more.

I hope you'll join me on the journey to making the creative process more fun.


About the author

Heya, I'm Marcella Chamorro. :-)

I live in Nicaragua and spend my time adventuring with my family and making stuff—writing, podcasting, taking photos, and more.

For 5 years now, I've worked on helping others live awesomely, particularly through what they create. It's led to amazing experiences, like being invited to speak internationally. You can read more about me here.