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I'm a mom of two young boys, an avid reader and a serial experimenter. I like to learn about all kinds of stuff: from podcasting to weathering the Terrible Two's, from taking the perfect baby-at-the-beach photo to meditating for longer periods of time.

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Over the last seven years, I've sent friends hundreds of articles and dozens of talks, podcast episodes, etc. Because of that, a few friends had some nice things to say, like these:

"Your words have brought me thought, learnings and growth and for that I thank you." — G

"If I could mail you a cake to Nicaragua, I would! Thank you for riding this long journey with are a GEM! Sincere gratitude, many high-5s, and big ole hug!" — N

"I've always enjoyed your words and the thoughtful ways you placed them together that made me feel like they were my own, too." — A