Does work culture actually matter? An expert’s take

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Did you know?

Your manager impacts your mental health more than both your doctors and your therapist.

Raise your hand if your mental health has ever suffered due to a bad manager?

Yup, me too. 👋

Luckily, I had Grace to help me through it.

And today, you get to meet Grace, too.

On this third episode of the Process podcast reboot, I bring you Grace McCarrick, The Culture Coach, to talk through all things team culture.

Because here’s the thing:

Of course we keep a watchful eye on our profits and revenue growth, but what about our work culture?

How people communicate with each other and how they work together is the oxygen that drives a team's performance — which turns the flywheel of profits and revenue growth.

Culture sets the stage for this dynamic.

Here's another stat for you:

Leaders with higher emotional intelligence delivered greater profits—139% higher in one study—as well as higher customer satisfaction levels.

While all of this sounds very ofFiCiAl, I've never laughed this much while "interviewing" someone. Grace is equal parts brilliant and hilarious, don't say I didn't warn you.

On this episode, you'll learn:

  • The exact impact of culture on team performance and (thus) success
  • Low-hanging fruit of culture work that yields results pretty quickly
  • Which culture-building exercises don't work and should be avoided
  • Practical strategies to build and nurture a better culture for your team

You can tune in to the whole conversation here:

That's all for this edition

My fingers need a rest from all the typing, podcast editing, and LEGO building happening lately.

(Santa, please no LEGO sets this year?)

I'm closing my laptop and heading to a farm with my kiddos and their friends.

There's nothing more magical than a treehouse, is there?

Next week, I'll be back with a special holiday edition of the newsie exploring the power of our identities and alter egos — particularly how to leverage them to create an incredible 2024. It's going to pack a punch. 💪

Talk to you then.

All the best vibes ✨

Marcella Chamorro

Mental Health Coach + Executive Coach

Marcella Chamorro

Marcella is mindset coach for award-winning tech teams and an experienced marketing leader with a track record of successful creative ventures focused on mental health. She's worked with both thriving venture-backed organizations and wildly profitable bootstrapped companies to maximize their work performance and well-being.