Process Podcast

Raise your hand if managing the ups & downs of the creative journey is tough?

Tune in to the Process podcast, hosted by Marcella Chamorro.

Welcome to the Process podcast, where we talk to creators from all walks of life on how they manage the ups and downs of making things.

Because having an impact on the world isn't easy.

Because creating can sometimes take a toll on us.

Because we've got to learn from others who've gone before us.

Launched in 2016, Marcella interviewed dozens of entrepreneurs, artists, creatives, and more on the Process podcast.

She's now re-launching the show with fresh faces and brand new interviews.

Are you ready?


The most-listened-to episode thus far:


Marcella Chamorro āœšŸ» Writer at the crossroads of mental health + marketing šŸŽ™ Podcast host of Process and Kin šŸ—£ Master of deep conversations

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