Unleashing new sides of the self with Angela Mader of fitbook [004]

Welcome back to another episode of Process. :-) 

I hope you enjoyed the first 3 episodes I released on Tuesday (our launch day!), and now we begin our regularly scheduled episodes. I'll be releasing a new episode every Friday. Today is our first Friday!

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My guest on this episode is Angela Mader, founder of fitlosophy and creator of the popular fitness journal fitbook. What a conversation this was! I feel like we could've kept recording for hours. Maybe there will be a second episode in the future? :-) During our conversation, we cover:

  • Creating something completely different from what people expect
  • Struggling to balance creative and administrative tasks
  • Learning to work in a way that's best for her own style and personality
  • Why starting over on social media with new accounts and zero followers is a good thing
  • The real result she's looking for in her customers
  • What she's really passionate about right now

Here's my favorite quote from our conversation:

"I am more than just fitbook."

Oh, and here's another!

"I learned to be an entrepreneur on someone else's dime."

Show Notes

Throughout our conversation, we mention different sites and events which I'm linking to below:

- You can find Angela and her creations here: fitlosophy / aisforangelam.com / @aisforangelam on Instagram

- An image of the fitspiration journal now at Target

Thanks for listening! And a huge thanks to Angela for joining me on this episode #004 of Process.

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Marcella Chamorro