Learning sustainable entrepreneurship with Ryan Allis of Connect [007]

Welcome to the seventh episode of Process!

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My guest on this episode is Ryan Allis, a technology entrepreneur that sold his first company, iContact, for $170 million before turning 28! 

Nowadays, Ryan is the founder of Connect, an app that helps you get together with friends, and Hive, a global network of leaders and entrepreneurs who are creating a better world. As you can imagine, community is important to Ryan, and we'll get to that in this episode. More importantly, though, we dive deep into what makes entrepreneurship sustainable.

During our conversation, we cover:

  • Becoming an entrepreneur before even becoming a teenager
  • What it looks like to help run 2 companies and attend business school at the same time
  • The two important elements he looks for in a project
  • Why email is "the biggest tyranny"
  • The wellness habits that have transformed his mind and body
  • How caffeine is destroying your energy levels—and how to quit

Here's my favorite quote from our conversation:

"In entrepreneurship, calmness and slight patience—take the action to make something happen and then wait a few hours—is so important to not blowing up and allowing yourself to get through the day calmly."

Show Notes

Throughout our conversation, we mention different sites and events which I'm linking to below:

- You can find Ryan and his projects here: @ryanallis on Twitter / Connect.com / Hive

- Ryan's blog post about the programs he's attended

- The Resources page where you can find Ryan's presentation "Lessons from my 20s" and more

Thanks for listening! And a huge thanks to Ryan for joining me on this episode #007 of Process.

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