Succeeding through struggle with Jason Zook of BuyMyFuture [009]

Thanks for tuning in to episode #009 of Process! Are you ready for the awesomeness about to ensue?! :-)

Let's get to it.

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My guest on this episode is Jason Zook, an entrepreneur daring enough to make a living wearing t-shirts, selling his last name, and most recently selling his entire future. During our conversation, we talk about:

  • How he found a way to stop doing the one thing he hates: selling
  • Coming up with the price on his latest project
  • Why he chose to journal his creation process (including fears and doubts) on Medium
  • Who he turns to for encouragement and overcoming fear
  • Who he doesn't turn to for feedback
  • What a regular day is like
  • A book that's helped him embrace the low moments he faces
  • Why he thinks struggles and lows are super important

Here's my favorite quote from our conversation:

"Your hurdles and unfortunate events and lows are pivotal moments that take you to success and achievement. "

Show Notes

Throughout our conversation, we mention different sites and events which I'm linking to below:

- You can find Jason online here: BuyMyFuture / Jason's blog / on Twitter

- Project Galaxy 60-day journal on Medium

- Misfit Con, an awesome event in Fargo, North Dakota we've both attended (and where we met!)

- Ryan Holiday's book The Obstacle is The Way

Thanks for listening! And a huge thanks to Jason for joining me on this episode #009 of Process.

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