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Caroline Kelso is my guest on this episode #016 of Process!

Caroline started off in the advertising industry but quickly decided that wasn’t for her and eventually ended up trying her hand at freelancing and entrepreneurship. A few years down the road, Caroline’s work is helping soulful creatives become their most vibrant selves through handlettering, teaching online courses, writing and more. But this isn’t your typical “left my job, fell in love with my own work" story.

I’m going to ask Caroline about what life is like AFTER realizing you're able to make a living on your own. Caroline’s work now is well-established, so how does she keep pushing the boundaries to enable creative people like us?

During our conversation, we cover:

  • Having her work support her life, instead of vice versa
  • Why she transitioned to product work instead of freelancing
  • How being a "deep feeler" led her to make all her difficult decisions
  • How starting a blog can lead to things you never expected a few years down the road
  • Retreats and personal practices she follows to channel her creativity
  • Her favorite books and how they inspire her journey
  • What taking ownership of her life means
  • Why she's learning to protect her boundaries as an introvert
  • How she powered through the lowest moment in her business

Here's my favorite quote from our conversation:

"You ultimately are the person in control of the path your life is going to take ... Things don't happen to me, I happen to them."

Show notes

Here's everything we mention during the show:

- Caroline's projects: Made Vibrant / Lettering course / Branding course  / Color Your Soul

- Caroline on social media: Instagram / Twitter / Pinterest

- Jason Zook on succeeding through struggle on episode of #009 Process

- Misfit Con, where A.J. Leon shared "This is not a practice life."

- A photo of Marcella's *NSYNC-filled room:

- Rosamund Stone Zander and Benjamin Zander's book The Art of Possibility

- Elizabeth Gilbert's latest book Big Magic

- Slack community for Caroline's Self-Made Society

Thanks for listening! And a huge thanks to Caroline for joining me on this episode #016 of Process.

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