Coffee Break: Behind the scenes of my own creative process [019]

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This is episode #019 of Process. And guess what? It's just me on this episode!

This is a solo episode—and a very special one—where I share a behind the scenes look at the creative process behind my upcoming book Make. I talk about:

  • Choosing Amazon over Gumroad
  • How I almost messed up the book's landing page
  • How much I'm writing and how often
  • What Resistance feels like and how I'm dealing with it
  • Who I'm writing the book for—which is a bit strange, I realize
  • and more...

Hope you like it! And thanks for listening, of course.

Show notes

- The landing page for my upcoming book Make

- CreateSpace: the service I used to publish a physical book on Amazon back in 2011

- Gumroad: the self-publishing service I've used in the past but won't be using ever again

- Steven Pressfield's book The War of Art which covers Resistance at length

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By the way, next week I'll be back with a regular interview episode—and I get to talk to Victor Saad of Experience Institute! Super excited to share that with you.

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Marcella Chamorro