Life outside your ideas with Victor Saad [020]

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I'm so grateful you're tuning in this week. This is episode #020, isn't that crazy? Time is flying and I'm having so much fun working on this podcast. But the best part is hearing that you all are enjoying it, too.

Thank you for hanging around and listening to our conversations. I appreciate the support and hope that these interviews help you on your creative path, too. :-)

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In this episode

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Victor Saad, my guest on this episode #020 of Process, is taking higher education by storm. His creative journey started when he chose to design his own 12-month Master’s program instead of applying to an existing school, wrote a book about his experiences and then created an organization that provides a similar learning experience to students every year, called Experience Institute, which is his main project nowadays. He was even named on Forbes 30 under 30 list for his work in education.

I’m excited to talk to Victor about what it’s like to disrupt (and improve) higher education and what his big goals are for the future.

During our conversation, we cover:

  • How his own experiences led to his project Experience Institute
  • Why he feels so passionately about higher education
  • What crowdfunding has done for improving his reach
  • Who he chooses to work with at EI and other projects
  • How disconnecting from his work and ideas eventually helps to inspire him

Here's my favorite quote from our conversation:

"You're running so fast, so hard all the time that if you don't just stop and look at how far you've come you don't really piece it all together or see everything you've learned or share the best things because all you're doing is just running."

Show notes

Here's everything we mention during the show:

- Victor's projects: Experience Institute / Leap Kit on KickstarterTwitter

Misfit Con, where we first met

- Jason Zook on episode of #009 Process

Thanks for listening! And a huge thanks to Victor for joining me on this episode #020 of Process.

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