Fitness as a gateway drug to a better life with Steve Kamb [023]

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My guest today is Steve Kamb, founder of a fitness website called Nerd Fitness. Can you guess what it’s about? And who it’s for? … YUP! It’s a website that helps nerds learn about fitness. Over the past few years, Steve has grown Nerd Fitness to an incredible community of hundreds of thousands of people getting healthy and fit together. Nerd Fitness offers courses, a summer-camp like event and more—all dedicated to helping “nerds” get fit.

I invited Steve to be on the show because I’ve personally watched him grow from being a writer to being a boss and now an author. And Steve just published his book called Level Up Your Life!

During our conversation, we cover:

  • When he decided to go from writing online to writing a properly published book
  • What the creative process was like for him
  • Why he chose fitness as a way to get people to level up their lives
  • How he stays healthy and fit: being extremely disciplined or being leniently balanced?
  • Why he considers exercise a “gateway drug” to everything awesome in life

My favorite moment is at around 29:25 where Steve shares a quote that impacted him:

"Screw motivation. Cultivate discipline."

Show notes

Here's everything we mention during the show:

- Steve's projects: NerdFitness / on Twitter / on Instagram

- Level Up Your Life, Steve's new book

- Camp Nerd Fitness

- Question on Quora on motivation vs. discipline

Thanks for listening! And a huge thanks to Steve for joining me on this episode #023 of Process.

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