How sales transforms our creativity with Jean Powell [031]

Welcome to episode #031 of Process!

While the last episode was great fun to put together, it's a bit of a relief to be back to our regular format here on Process: an interview!

I love talking to creative people from around the world and getting to know their journeys. On top of that, I love learning from them—and this episode is a great example of that. Because, to be honest, I know nothing about sales!

My guest on this episode is Jean Powell, master of sales!

Jean is an old friend of mine, and I've asked her to come on the show to talk to us about how selling can be a creative endeavor—and something we don't have to shy away from! While she's currently VP of Sales at MiiR (which she loves), she's also a writer, and I'm excited to ask her all about her love for sales, her job, and her own creative process.

During the episode, we cover:

  • How she fell in love with sales in the first place
  • Why sales can lead to personal transformations
  • How everyone can fall in love with sales (even if its a sore point for most creators)
  • Her very different approach to managing a team
  • The "Hell yes!" framework that helps her choose who to hire ... and who to date 😏
  • How selling can be creative
  • The system she uses to teach her team to think for themselves and improve their craft
  • What she's creating and why she chooses to not publish some of it

I hope you enjoy hearing from Jean!

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Show notes:

Connect with this episode's guest, Jean Powell:

- on her blog,

- on Twitter at @jeanontap

Here are all the links mentioned during the episode:

- World Domination Summit (where I first met Jean)

- SxSW, a conference we've been to together a few times

- Quote by Ralph Waldo Emerson:

"When we have arrived at the question, the answer is already near."

- And my favorite thing Jean shared with us:

"Approach sales from the angle of 'This is an opportunity to interact with a person where there's a transaction that will happen.'"

Thanks for listening to episode #031!

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Marcella Chamorro