Coffee Break: I'm back! And things have changed (for the better) [033]

Photo credit: Craig Garner at unsplash

Photo credit: Craig Garner at unsplash


After a few months "on a break" from the podcast, I'm back with episode #033 of Process. Which kind of begins "season 2" of the podcast, I think?

In the last episode, I told you about why I felt it was necessary that I go on a creative "break" of sorts, to really do some heavy thinking about this upcoming book and work hard on finishing it.

WELL, I have some news about that...

You can listen to the full episode below to get the entire story, during which you'll hear more about:

  • What the break was like
  • How the book changed over the break
  • Why I'm podcasting again, even though the book isn't quite finished yet
  • What's coming up on this "season 2" of the podcast

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Thanks so much for sticking with the podcast through this "break" and listening to today's episode. I hope the backstage view at my book-writing process is helpful to you in some way. :-)

I'll be back next week with an awesome conversation with Anna Quinlan, a talented writer. I loved our conversation and can't wait to share it with you!


Sending you lots of love and light!


PS. I missed you! 🙈

Marcella Chamorro