Storytelling in captions with Anna Quinlan [034]

This is episode #034 of Process!

I'm pumped to go back to our regular format here on Process: an interview. 

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My guest on this episode is Anna Quinlan!

The best way to describe Anna is the word storyteller. She likes to tell all kinds of stories: about motherhood, fitness, nature, and more.

For many years, she worked a corporate job—but, after a serendipitous encounter with a photographer on the beach, she worked hard to make her jump into freelance writing and achieve the freedom to live every day the best way possible.

During the episode, we talk about:

  • When she fell in love with storytelling
  • What role fitness plays in her creative life
  • Why writing is a "party trick"
  • Her journey from a marketing job to a full-time freelance writer
  • How Instagram has impacted her business
  • The one "magic trick" to becoming a writer

After we finished our conversation, I actually replayed it a few times just because I needed to hear some of Anna's kick-in-the-pants motivation again. So, I hope you enjoy hearing all about Anna and her journey as much as I did.

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Show notes:

Connect with Anna on the interwebs:

- on her website,

- on Instagram at @quinlananna

Here are the links mentioned during the episode:

- The blog post where I first found Anna: "The Hardest Mile"

- Picture of Anna on the Megaformer (not Mega-reformer, woops 😂)

Again, thanks for listening to episode #034!

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Oh, and...

I'll be back next week with another interview—with a drastically different kind of maker.

In next week's episode, I'll be talking to someone who focuses exclusively on selling photography "cheat cards" online. The best part? His approach to business is so refreshing.

Until then! :-)


Marcella Chamorro