What It Means to Be a Creative Rebel with Violeta Nedkova [037]


Welcome to episode #037 of Process, with Violeta Nedkova.

Violeta is an online entrepreneur based in Bulgaria who helps creative rebels build unique and authentic businesses. She's spent the last few years exploring the online space: writing, consulting, becoming a coach, and much more. Starting this year, she's decided to make building community her biggest priority.

Fun fact: We recorded this episode the day before her 30th birthday AND launched her latest project! 🎉

During the episode, we talk about:

  • Why she chose to make her next project a community
  • How she uses Twitter to build her business
  • What changed when she finally hired an assistant
  • When she schedules her work to connect with customers in different time zones
  • How she vets people before letting them into her community
  • What she does to fight her business's lows
  • Her number one tip for creativity

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Show notes:

Connect with Violeta Nedkova across the web:

- on her website, VioletaNedkova.com

- her latest project, The Creative Rebel Academy

- on Twitter at @violetanedkova

- her Facebook group, The Creative Rebels

"You need to learn to enjoy community without thinking of it as a business commodity, even though it is." — Violeta Nedkova

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Tune in next week for an interview with Spencer Fry of Coach!


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