Authenticity in What We Make with Spencer Fry [038]

Welcome to episode #038 of Process, with Spencer Fry.

Spencer is a 32-year-old serial entrepreneur from New York. His latest project, Coach, is his fourth project, and it focuses on helping creators make a living off their passion. From email marketing to online courses to landing pages, Coach is dedicated to helping creators grow their audience while making money.

(Because you're listening to this podcast, chances are you have a passion that you'd love to make a living off of, so I'm pumped to share Spencer's experiences with you.)

During the episode, we talk about:

  • His favorite part of all his projects (past and present)
  • Simplifying the sales process for online entrepreneurs
  • Competing against behemoths like Mailchimp and InfusionSoft
  • Marketing authentically, instead of traditionally
  • Hiring a team that are makers that sell digital products, too
  • Spending the majority of his time talking to people (customers or potential customers)
  • Avoiding burnout when he works nearly 7 days a week
  • Starting his journey as a creator at 11 years old

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Show notes:

Connect with Spencer Fry across the web:

- his company, Coach

- his personal website,

- on Twitter at @spencerfry

- on Instagram at @spencerfry

"There are two main ways that people put their work up online. One is to get jobs, so the artist and designer side. The other is to make a living and make a profit and become successful, and that's who I wanted to work with next."
— Spencer Fry

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Tune in next week for another coffee break episode with yours truly. If you're interested in more of the behind-the-scenes look at creating a new project, be sure to listen in.


Marcella Chamorro