About Marcella

My constant journey is to learn to love.

Through my projects—writing, photography, and technology—I do my best to help people tap into the serenity and enjoyment they crave. Why? Because there’s a lot of preventable suffering that happens out there in the world. I’d like to help.

Below, you can get a snapshot of who I am, what I’ve been through, and what I do today.


Growing Up


From the time I was born in Miami, Florida, I’ve jumped back and forth between the USA and Nicaragua. It’s given me the best of both worlds: a great education, a warm family life, and wonderful opportunities to grow in my career. But it’s also provided me the opportunity to recognize just how much more we could all do for each other.


A Love for Language


Since my grandmother gave me a diary (lock included) for Christmas, I became enamored with writing and devoured books. Every weekend, my father would take me to the local bookstore to pick up more material.


Moving to Nicaragua


Ever since my family moved permanently to Nicaragua, my access to books in English became scarce, so I compensated by reading online on the growing internet.


Boston College


I graduated high school and headed off to Beantown to complete four years of classes. I graduated with a major in Communications and a minor in International Studies. I met some of my best friends at that school.




After graduating from Boston College, I worked for a non-profit called American Nicaraguan Foundation for two years. Despite being a lowly entry-level, I was quickly promoted to Marketing Manager. At just twenty-one, this jump made me incredibly nervous. Despite the pressure, I was lucky enough to get the job done adequately (all credit goes to the great team I had behind me).


Madrid and Blogging


I began blogging and applied to study my Master’s degree at IE Business School in Madrid, Spain. During that year-long program in Madrid, I decided to go out on my own and start a business.


Marriage & Entrepreneurship


When I returned to Nicaragua, I married the most handsome man ever :-) and started a business focused on consulting and web design, which I ran successfully for a few years. I helped individuals and teams craft their stories through websites to presentations to mobile apps. It was around this time that I began public speaking, as well, sharing my message of failures and creativity with audiences in Central America and Europe.


Baby #1


When Juan José was born, I felt burnt out and ready to explore new pastures. I closed my business to spend more time writing and experimenting with photography. I also began recording my first podcast, Process, focused on managing the ups and downs of creativity.


Baby #2


Welcoming Nicolás into the world was a joy, but it also created limitations to my creativity. I took a break from making stuff to dedicate myself full-time to the kids. But the itch to create was always there...




My dedication to photography and podcasting is back in full force. Branded as Kin, my latest project aims to explore the intersection of parenthood and faith.



I like to speak.

If you speak Spanish, you might be interested in watching my talk at TEDxManagua 2012. It was a great experience, and I ended up co-hosting the event the following year.



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